The Garden That Gives

The Garden That Gives - Utah House

Utah State University is building an extension on their property to create the first Kaysville's Food Pantry Garden. The plot of land will be over 12,000 ft. The garden will harvest melons, corn, potatoes, and tomatoes. The community will be involved with harvesting, planting, and maintaining the Food Pantry Garden. The good news is that all of the produce harvested will be given to the surrounding areas food banks.

The Kaysville's Food Pantry Garden is located in the Utah botanical Center. The center is encouraging volunteer groups to come in during the summer and weed the crop. This way the produce is kept from spoiling. These volunteer groups will also help harvest when it is peak season. Eagle Scouts will help in planting the produce to earn and complete eagle projects in May. Melons and tomatoes have already been planted and will soon be ready to harvest.

Volunteers will be welcome from the 20th of May through the 30th of September. There are large volunteer group slots available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays after 7 PM. Saturday mornings are also open for requests from 9 AM to 11 AM. During each volunteer slot a staff member will be there to oversee, answer questions, and work with you. Smaller groups are welcomed to volunteer ongoingly throughout the season. One will feel very accomplished to see how their labor can reap great benefits. An orientation will be held to guide you with general instructions on how to work within the garden. Once you attend the orientation, you will be able to volunteer in the garden according to your own schedule.

If you grow your own produce in your home garden and are willing to donate some of your harvest, we would love your help! You can bring all of your backyard produce to the Food Pantry Garden. After we receive the produce it will be distributed to the Utah Food Pantries that border alongside the gardens. Contact us if you would like to help out 801-451-3403