Each year the Utah Botanical Center hosts a number of educational events for the public and its members. In spring and fall the organization invites to attend two Family Nights with plenty of exciting hands-on activities for the whole family. During the summer the events typically take place at the Farmers Market where fresh local produce is offered for sale. August is the perfect time to plant in the landscape so make sure you visit Garden Fair for landscaping tips, classes, and, of course, beautiful plants. Here is the detailed list of the seasonal events organized by the Utah Botanical Center.


Extending the Garden Harvest
Held at USUBC Greenhouse the class is dedicated to methods of protecting veggies from the cold and teaches how to harvest fresh produce year round. Hands-on activities include building a cold frame, plus each participant will get a vegetable transplant and Wall O Water.
Cost: $37 Public/ $29 Members of the Garden
Fruit Pruning Demonstration
Consider attending this free class conducted by USU Extension experts to learn about the tricks of proper pruning. After the hands-on training you will be able to prune apples, peaches, grapes and raspberries with confidence.


Gardening Mini Classes: Raised Beds, Planting Trees and Shrubs, Growing Perennials & Composting
A series of mini classes held at Ogden Botanical Gardens focuses on efficient ways to build and use a successful raised bed for vegetables, raspberries, strawberries and even fruit trees. The topics covered include selecting and planting ornamental trees, shrubs and perennials, and composting methods.
Cost: $14 Members, $20 Public
Explore the Garden Family Night: Spring Celebration
Celebrate the spring with your family at the USU Botanical Center. Entertainment includes children's crafts, tours of the Utah House, and a sneak peek of the upcoming Baby Animal Days.
Cost: Free, no registration required
Backyard Chickens
The objective of the event held at Utah House Classroom is to educate the public about how to select, feed and manage backyard chickens. The class also covers issues like predator control, and legalities.
Cost: Free


Baby Animal Days
Children are sure to enjoy meeting lambs, llamas, rabbits, chicks, ducklings and piglets raised by local 4-H members. The event will feature a range of fun activities, including crafts making, sheep shearing demonstrations, horseback rides, wall climbing and miniature train rides. The event is organized with the mission to raise money for Davis County 4-H and garden development.
Cost: $5 individual / $25 family (or $20 with a non-perishable food item to donate to the food bank). $15 for members of the Gardens
Create a Hanging Basket
Join the class to learn which plants love the sun and which thrive in shade, how to fertilize and water the plants you have at home. Also during the class you will learn how to make and care for colorful hanging baskets to take home.
Cost: $29 Members, $37 Public


Botanical Water Color Class
If you are a beginner in painting consider attending this class that will introduce you to the beautiful world of botanical illustrations. The well groomed gardens at the Utah Botanical Center will inspire you to use the techniques you've learnt to portray the texture of flowers. All materials for the class are provided.
Cost: $29 Members $37 Public
Explore the Garden Family Night: Art in the Arboretum
Join the guided tour and stroll through Varga Arboretum to enjoy and discover the unique beauty of the trees growing there. After the tour young artists will have fun drawing and painting trees as part of event activities.
Cost: $10 per family (up to six members) $3 per person


Farmers Market Garden to Table Short Course
The event held at USUBC Farmers Market zeroes in techniques that help harvest bountiful vegetables in your garden, and ways to prepare the produce.
Cost: Free
A Day in the Wildflowers: Snowbasin Ski Resort Tour
Visit Snowbasin Ski Resort to see a variety of wildflowers and learn how to identify and photograph them. The cost includes a gondola ride to the top of picturesque Snowbasin, snacks and drinks.
Cost: $60 Members, $75 Public
Explore the Garden Family Night: Chocolate Lovers Night
Love chocolate? Don't miss this event held at Utah House to learn how chocolate is made and see how it transforms into mouth watering treats. You will see chocolate dipping techniques and will be able to make a chocolate creation yourself.
Cost: $10 per family (up to six members) or $3 per person


Food Preservation 101
Get some expert advice on how to preserve your harvest and enjoy eating your produce year round. This hands-on class is meant for those who want to learn proper canning techniques. The class is held at Utah House, the Utah Botanical Center.
Cost: Members $5, Public $10
Explore the Garden Family Night: Bloomin' Flowers
Get your children to the tour of the Pinneae Annual Trial Garden to master the art of pressing flowers.
Cost: $10 per family (up to six members) or $3 per person


Salsa Showdown at the Farmers Market
Have you even been a judge at the dancing contest? If no, why not volunteer to become a judge of the salsa contest organized at the Farmers Market. The event is followed by a tasty treat for everyone!
Cost: Free
Renewable Energy Class
After the Renewable Energy Class you will know whether solar energy can work for you. The class zeroes in the opportunities for residential solar power and hot water systems in Utah, their design, installation peculiarities as well as state and federal tax incentives. The class will take place in Wetland Discovery Point at the USU Botanical Center.
Cost: Free
Explore the Garden Family Night: Earth, Wind and Fire
Dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficient practices the event educates the public about solar, wind and geothermal energy sources. The participants will combine educational activities with some fun hands-on experience that includes constructing a wind powered device, making a solar oven and more.
Cost: $10 per family (up to six members) or $3 per person


Garden Open House
Get a map of the USU Botanical Center at the Farmers Market and then learn about the gardens from the garden experts you will find in the new Ornamental Grass Garden, Demonstration Orchard, Varga Arboretum, and the Teaching Garden.
Cost: Free
Explore the Garden Family Night: Pumpkin Palooza
Celebrate Halloween at Arboretum where you can enjoy a walk through the pumpkin patch, find your way to the end of the Grass Garden Labyrinth, and have your face painted. Make sure you bring the kids along as there will be plenty of children's crafts to enjoy.
Cost: Free