Utah Wetlands

Utahbotanicalcenter Utah Wetlands
Wetland areas are of critical importance for any ecosystem. Even though only one percent of Utah is wet it provides a habitat for 80 percent of the state's wildlife sometime during their life. These days, many people know about the vital role of wetlands for wildlife habitat, and about such factors as flood water retention, erosion control, ground water recharge, etc. that also contribute to the environment. To educate more people about the importance of wetlands and provide first-hand experience the Utah Wetlands Interpretive Network (UWIN) was established. UWIN is a partnership comprising more than 35 organizations, including federal and state agencies and universities and other establishments dedicated to providing information about wetlands of the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem. UWIN helps learn about the uniqueness of wetlands in the Great Salt Lake watershed. In fact, the Great Salt Lake wetlands constitute more than 75% of all Utah wetlands, and serve as a critical habitat for migratory waterfowl and shorebirds of western North America. When you spot the UWIN symbol it means that you've entered a network of internationally important wetland areas.