Public Classes Organized by Utah Botanical Center

As part of its commitment to educating Utah residents about the nature of the region and the ways to protect it Utah Botanical Center regularly organizes classes general public can attend. The organization features three Utah Master Naturalist Program modules with 40 hours of instruction each. These are:
Utah Watersheds
This program focuses on a range of aquatic systems in Utah that include not only alpine lakes and streams in the mountains, but also the Great Salt Lake and temporary wetlands of the desert area. The program participants will learn how they all interact with each other throughout vast watersheds.
Utah Deserts
Utah has a number of deserts, including the Colorado Plateau, Great Basin, and Mojave Desert. These diverse upland systems are home to various plant and animals communities. All these arid areas have some common features like scarce precipitations, high elevation level, and climatic extremes with hot summers an cold winters. But the plants and animals of these areas have managed to adapt to the harsh environment and even thrive there. To learn more about plant and animal life in Utah deserts consider joining this program that includes half-day excursions in northern Utah.
Utah Mountains
The state of Utah is blessed with magnificent and scenic mountains known for unsurpassed ecological diversity. Their lush forests and alpine environments are just begging to be explored! Temperature, elevation, and precipitation level have a significant impact on the life of flora and fauna living in these systems.
Program Format
Each program combines field and classroom instruction. Classroom activities include instructor presentations, small group presentations, final project presentations, take-home assignments, and open discussions. To join the program you are required to pay the registration fee of $200.