USU Botanical Center

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Located in Kaysville in the vicinity of Salt Lake City, Utah, the USU Botanical Center is a botanical garden that offers tons of educational activities for children and grown-ups alike. It is also a Utah State University distance education site that runs a variety of educational programs backed by USU Extension. The USU Botanical Center features an arboretum designed to meet the irrigation needs of over 300 trees and shrubs growing there. It is also home to beautiful gardens and home landscapes that serve as a great example of wise water use and research devoted to conserving a huge variety of plants in the region.
The botanical garden was originally situated in Farmington, but was relocated in Kaysville in 1999. The USU Botanical Center came into being as the result of a fruitful collaboration between Utah State University, public agencies, foundations, civic groups, businesses, and individuals. In 2003 the "Utah House" was built to demonstrate an energy efficient home. The 2,300-square-foot (210 m2) house that recycles waste water and rain runoff and has straw-bale walls cost $500,000 to construct and equip.

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Visiting the USU Botanical Center make sure you explore an urban fishery, picturesque walking and biking trails and wetland areas that are home to many species of birds and other wildlife. There is also a volunteer-tended garden that supplies fresh produce to local eateries, a seasonal farmers' market and a variety of classes, workshops, educational field trips and other fun events.
Through USU Extension, the center features a Giving Garden, a 12,000-acre (49 km2) farm maintained by community members. All farm produce is donated to local food banks. Each year from July through October the center runs a farmers' market offering local produce and gourmet foods.